Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Gardening

Think this is the earliest I've gotten the garden uncovered. Raked off/out all the leaves and dead plants from last year. Looks much nicer now. Air got into the soil and dried it out a bit.

Have to add some amendments and get it rototilled. Some sand/decomposed seaweed mix, and some compost. Last year it was peat moss that was added. Heay clay soil is fun to work with. Be awhile still before I can plant. Lake Chanplain is still around 36-39 degrees. Still a chance of a killing frost for a month.

Could probably get away with putting some rutabaga seeds in the ground now, but don't want to push it. Don't care that much about having rutabagas sooner than fall anyways.

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GARDENVT said...

Nice to see a blog combine politics and gardening. I have been known to weed while listening to Peter Welch make his point on Vermont Edition.
As a working gardener, I'm seeing things I normally wouldn't in early April. Magnolia flowers playing peek-a-boo with me, wondrous Daffodils three weeks ahead of schedule, and primroses popping up to say hello.
On the political front, maybe Deb Markowitz would stay high in the polls if she limited her appearances, while conversely, maybe Doug Racine should increase his visibility, smile and talk courage and hope. Matt Dunne has some great ideas but can't get the buzz, and Shum and Susy should bow out gracefully.
There. Now we can get back to our seed catalogs.

Brian from Vermont Hum/GardenVt